Monday, February 13, 2012

In todays times its hard to enjoy yourself but these guys are on the front line in the war against boredom here is an interview from INNERCITY SKATES  located in Detroit.

Q. Who are you guys and how did you start?
A. Inner-City Skateboards is a skateboarding brand that was started in 2010 Detroit MI. We distribute our own skateboards and skate apparel to the public. It all started when me and my friend we just having a hard time getting out to the burbs to get skate equipment. There was no place in the city to get any of that anywhere. It was like if you sk8 in Detroit and you break your deck unless you have an extra deck on you your done for the weren't going out to Royal Oak, Dearborn, or Westland. Reason being by the time you got out there and get back the day would be over with. So I said we need something in the city we can go and get sk8 supplies. Just about every other surrounding city has a sk8 shop or some were to get boards but Detroit. Thus Inner-City Skateboards was born. We actually started off wit a stencil, blank boards, spray paint cans, and dedication.             
Q.What is the goal of your shop?

A. Well as of right now we do not have shop we do plan on opening our flag store soon but as of right now we have our boards and apparel sold at Spectacles Detroit located on 203 E Grand River.

Q. What do you think of the skate culture these days?
A. I think that the skate culture is growing and evolving. Skating is no longer found just in the suburbs anymore...its also in the Inner-city. There are skaters in  Brightmoor, Linwood, 7mile and so fourth..there all over the city. Also over the years I have seen the sk8 culture get a little bit commercialized as far as the look and style of it. Now you have celebs/musicians (ie Lil Wayne Chris Brown etc) picking up boards trying to learn but in a way its helping keep the culture alive and that's whats most important in the end.
Q. How has your city influenced your business?
A. The city has been a huge positive influence on our business. Not only are we providing a alternative business to the city but we are also adding diversity as well. Our brand was inspired by the inner-cities of Detroit...the struggle, the grind, and the rise. That kid down the street with is board looking for the next spot to sk8 downtown or around the corner. The city has made me and this business what it is.         
Q. What made you guys start this business?

A. I have always dreamed of having my own sk8 shop. Back in 2005 there was actually sk8 shop/boutique located right down the street from Spectacles it was called the GOAT it had everything to me they had a lot of potential to be huge but they didn't stick around to long. The owner live in NYC I think he was flying in to run the shop. They were closed most of time and eventually closed in the same year. After that happened that inspired me to start my own business.    

Q. Who has influenced you most?

A. My Mom  influenced me the most she has taught me to stay focused and dedicated on everything. Also other local business owners like Zana Smith (Spectacles Detroit), Phil Simpson (Freshman Clothing), and James Morris (DSE). All three of them are examples of strong business owner the reside in our great city. Buy getting advice and watching how they run and conduct there businesses. By begin exposed to that kind of knowledge influenced me to develop good business practices.          
Q. What is your ideal customer?
A. My ideal customer? anyone who comes in and buys everything lol

Q. How do you guys deal with the hard economy?
A. Just keeping our name relevant and trying to stay ahead of the competition by pushing out great quality products. A positive mind frame about everything we get you a lot further than you think. But one of the main reasons is just by watching out local business owners that have been around for years and still standing.
Q Shout outs.

A. S/O Zana Smith (Spectacles Detroit), Phil Simpson (Freshman Clothing), and James Morris (DSE) who have been helping me along the way guiding me in the right direction. S/O to my team for Ricky Lowery, Kelvin Bonner, and Will Grayson for reppin/promoting Inner-City

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