Tuesday, February 7, 2012

street art

As stated before the goal of Peoples Planet is to inform the creative minds all over the planet.This is our number one goal and we are sticking to it. So the first installment of information is a peek into the world of the street art culture.The information is fully upon us and it has hit us hard.Artist have the priveledge to be able to gain knowledge about any art figure they want by just a click of a mouse.This is giving the whole art world a diffrent look at the street art trend.

Joshua Harris photo by allspunout365.com
Artist all across the world are creating works of art from there mind without no type of school art foundation.I guess this makes this art fall under the category of street art.This doesn't make the information generation stray away from this art form. Before you just go thinking that street art is just graffiti lets take a look at other forms of street art above this art of Joshua Harris in NY that's using the subway air to bring trash bags to life as animals and such.

photo from geeksucks.com
This work of amazing street art is called street illusions .

Street art is a prime example of how street can be a vehicle for art to become a something awesome.I know you may think, "That's not the type  of street art that I see around my city .'' If your on the East side of the states you may see art as this one or the one above.This is the beauty of this type of art you can either like it or love it. Someone's going to like it most likely though.

Now before the West side of the nation starts clicking  the red x in the corner I've got a prime dosage of the beautiful art coming outta the West.


Chicago Street art

New York street art

As you can see there is a big difference  in the styles of the two coast. Overall Street what you can take from this article is that street art is a very diverse beast. Next time  when you out and see some nice art snap a pic and send it to us we're always taking contributions. THANKS FOR READING PEOPLES PLANET

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